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Spread the idea
This is the main goal of my voyage: I want to make the idea of hospitality exchange known around the world. And everyone visiting this site can help me - you too! Even by just telling your friends and relatives you are helping a lot. Some things you could do:
- send a short message to your friends or address book and tell them about The Hospitality Club
- give five of your friends a call and tell them about the club
- add a signature with a link to the club or this project to your outgoing emails
- add a link to the club or the project to your homepage
- spread the idea in organizations or initiatives, clubs or mailing lists that you are active in, there are people interested in traveling and meeting other people everywhere

Please help me and all other members of the club to fascinate 1,000,000 people with our idea.

Invite me
Send me an invitation and I will come to your country, town or village. We will set a goal and find members for the club together, talking to the local newspapers, radio, TV, the mayor. I am always staying with people (friends, Hospitality Club members or people who invite me from this site), never in hotels. So please don't hesitate to invite me!

Backup Team
Become a member of the backup team of this project. I need lots of help with the website and with arranging media dates. If you would like to help me, even if just a couple of hours a week, please drop a line. And of course we are also always looking for volunteers at The Hospitality Club!!!

And if you have not done, please

Sign up for the club!