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The last hitchhiker?
Hitchhiking is dead. Today it is too dangerous and no one will pick you up anyway. NOT! Hitchhiking still is a wonderful way to travel around Europe and the world. The feeling of freedom and adventure when you go out on the road and don't know what is going to happen is something you have to live to understand. I know no other activity that brings you in such close contact with so many people from so many different social classes and so many views on life. I have never learned more than while hitchhiking.

My experience
I will never forget the day I first stuck out my thumb. With a beating heart. From Herzberg I wanted to go to Holland and then Belgium to visit AFS friends. I learned the hard way - where to hitchhike and where not. But I made it. Since then I have hitchhiked around 140,000 kilometers in almost 40 countries, and the stories would fill an entire website alone. In February I came back from my longest journey: I spent one year hitchhiking from Argentina to Mexico.

Do it yourself !
With today's youth becoming richer and societies driven by fear rather than confidence, less and less young people hitchhike. I did not have anyone to ask when I first set out on the road. So now I always try to transmit my fascination with hitchhiking to other people - and today not only my brothers but also other friends and people who just stopped by my site are hitchhiking. The internet makes it possible to share advice - you will be amazed how many hitchhikers you can find out there. And all full of wonderful stories. So really, give it a try. If you need some more encouragement you can visit my hitchhiking pages or meet me and we will hitchhike a bit together!

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Sep 10: Dresden-Leipzig