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The idea of hospitality exchange
Open your home to a traveler who you did not know before - this is the idea of hospitality exchange. Both sides profit - the guest gets a much better insight into the culture he/she is visiting than if he/she was just staying in a hotel, and the host can broaden his/her horizon by meeting and helping people from around the world.

In the long run, hundreds, thousands, millions of such meetings willl lead to more intercultural understanding, reduce prejudices and intolerance and maybe help to build small foundations for peace on our planet. This is the idea I believe in.

The Hospitality Club
You register and specify how you could help a traveler who is coming to your town or country. Be it with a tour around town, an invitation to join you for dinner or a roof for the night - what matters is the personal contact.

When you are accepted as a member you can log into the website with your user name and password. Of course the club is free. And once you travel yourself, you can check online if there are members  in your destination, contact them and get help yourself.

The concept is simple and the response has been amazing since I founded the club in August 2000. There are now members in all corners of the world. Through my voyage and with your help I want to make the idea known on a much wider scale. I will stop traveling when there are 1,000,000 members on this planet who share hospitality with each other.

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