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The Flood in Dresden

I published this page right in the days of the catastropy in August 2002. I was in Dresden all the time, also helped building sandbag walls to protect the city from this terrible flood...

The situation is dramatic. Large parts of the city are flooded, including the main train station, the area around the Zwinger and the main shopping street. A hospital is being evacuated, helicopters flying around everywhere, lifting people from houses, fire engines and ambulances racing through the streets. The Elbe river reaches a height that is to be seen to be believed. Many connections to the rest of the country are cut - highways are flooded, the trains don't run. Parts of the city are without energy and telephone. For many people who are direct victims of the floods, the situation is terrible. Here are some pictures...

flooded open air cinema The popular open air cinema on the banks of the Elbe - the slogan reads "film nights at the banks of the Elbe" - now better "film nights in the Elbe"!

view of the famous Terrace Banks The famous Terrace Banks.

the famous Zwinger The famous Zwinger - the pond burst its bounds, the access bridge is flooded, the lower floors of the museums had to be evacuated.

transport options in the flood Transport options in Dresden - while the frontloader was ferrying some relief workers the chopper in the background was rescuing people from the building.

the mosque surrounded by the water One of the symbols of Dresden - the old tobacco factory that looks like a mosque, totally surrounded by the floods.

the water is rising for Gerhard Schroeder Not even the state party headquarters of Gerhard Schroeder's SPD are spared - the water is rising for Germany's useless chancelor.

wanna wash your car? The sign reads "Car Wash" - and a massive car wash it was!!!

still wanna wash your car? This is how many cars are washed in Dresden at the moment.

still wanna wash your car? If you look down the street you see the roofs of the cars being washed - even a bus... For many people who lost everything, terrible days.

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