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Step 1 - Convince people in my own culture
I will try to find 10 members for The Hospitality Club in Dresden. Only if I manage will I leave town and hitchhike around my home state of Saxony. I will talk to people, newspapers, knock on doors, go to internet cafes. I will not leave Saxony until there are 100 members. Then Iíll set out to find 1,000 people in Germany who believe in the idea. And if it catches on in my culture - why should it not in other parts of Europe?

Step 2 - Make the idea work in Europe
Hitchhiking around Europe, I will set specific goals for every country I visit. I donít know yet, where the voyage will take me - you can shape it: invite me or vote on this site where I should go next. Europe is the perfect environment for the idea of hospitality exchange, many cultures within small distances, lots of people who can learn from each other. I hope to find 10,000 members within a few months.

Step 3 - The world
Once the idea has been successful in Europe, the mechanisms of internet will spread it through the world. I will travel to countries with limited internet access or few members. We will not exclude people who are not so fortunate to be online, but still can open their homes and hearts to strangers. Within one year there will be 100,000 people on this planet who exchange hospitality and within three years the goal is to have 1,000,000 members in The Hospitality Club.

My dream
One day everyone can go to a different country and know that someone will receive him/her with open arms. People will travel in a different way, meet each other and build intercultural understanding through personal contact. There will be members in places like Israel and Palastine, North Ireland, Bosnia, Ruanda and East Timor who exchange hospitality with each other and in small steps The Hospitality Club will help to make peace a lasting vision for our wonderful planet.

Please help me!