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I believe in one idea - bringing people together from different cultures and social classes can build intercultural understanding and reduce prejudices and intolerance. I travel the world to fascinate one million people with this idea and build a world wide web of friendly people. Please help me!

On July 15 I started a voyage with open end. I want to spread the fascinating idea of hospitality exchange and will not stop until I have found 1,000,000 friendly people for The Hospitality Club . Also, I will show that hitchhiking is still a wonderful way to travel and let you take part in the adventure with reports and stories on this site.

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The goal:
10 members in Dresden V
100 members in Saxony V
1000 members in Germany V

10,000 members in Europe
100,000 members in 1 year
1,000,000 members in 3 years
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Last updates on the site:
Sep 10: Dresden-Leipzig
Aug 30: Bild - German tabloid
Aug 14: The flood in Dresden
Aug 05: Help me! page enlarged
Aug 03: Media page filled
Jul 26: Veit on State wide TV
Jul 20: First newspaper article
Jul 15: Start and on the radio all day the latest news in the Travelog or on the Mailing List: