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From its creation in August 2000 to its 100,000th member in January 2006, the most important landmarks in the evolution of the Hospitality Club.

July 2000 — Veit Kuehne and his brothers create the concept for what will become the Hospitality Club and put some webpages together.

August 2000 — The website goes online, the first members sign up.

July 2002 — With almost 1000 members and all administration being made by hand with copy and paste, administrating the Club has become very time consuming. Hence, a real software with a database is created.

February 2004 — The Club has grown steadily to 10,000 members by word of mouth.

March 2004 — The Club receives its first television coverage, in Australia.

April 2004 — A forum is created to allow for a more dynamic communication between members. Receiving only a few messages per day in the beginning, it now allows dozens of members to find answers to their questions everyday.

May 2004 — The Club celebrates the extension of the European Union which will facilitate travels between the East and the West and cultural exchanges.

September 2004 — The first major gathering, in Veit Kuehne's yard, in Dresden, Germany, exceeds expectations with 143 attending from around the world.

December 2004 — Many of the most involved volunteers meet in Brussels, Belgium, some for the first time.

December 2004/January 2005 — An Hospitality Club New Year celebration in Vilnius, Lithuania, attracts 300 participants. The budget surplus, 285 euros, is handed to the Lithuanian Red Cross as a contribution towards the tsunami relief effort.

April 2005 — The Club, growing faster than ever, passes the 50,000 members mark.

July 2005 — It has already become a tradition to hold one major gathering each Summer and Winter in addition to the many parties continually happening around the world. This time, almost 500 gather for one week in the village of Monnai, France

August 2005 — A new, more attractive layout for the website is announced. It will be revealed in the second quarter of 2006.

January 2006 — Doubling in size after only eight months, the Hospitality Club is now counting 100,000 members from 200 countries.