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We proudly present: The Hospitality Club Ambassadors;
People, who make this hospitality network what it is: a world of friends.
Ambassadors are people who carry the spirit of HC, charismatic persons and dedicated travellers who live the idea of peace, understanding and cultural exchange in their everyday lifes. They are on unusual, long journeys or have hosted and helped hundreds of travellers.
Please help them, invite them, meet them, visit their websites - they will appreciate it.

Astrid and MArtin are travelling around the world together since April 2000. The length of their trip was made possible by finding many ways of being helpful in exchange for food and accommodation. They run a travel-website with an adjoined forum in which travellers help other travellers all over the world. They are now embarking on a voyage of a few years from Mexico to Argentina through most countries of Central and South America. More details about Astrid and MArtin can be found on their website

Richard Fergé and Stani Martinkova - a french sommelier and his english partner - are travelling the world: "We are doing a world tour by bicycle for 7 years. The aim of our travels is to promote peace and show others that we may all be different but we can all still be friends. If you are interested in our travels and are a member of any organisation, club or school feel free to invite us to come and visit and do a presentation of our travels."
On their way they meet many nice people and promote the Hospitality Club. You want to know where they are right now or contact them? Visit their homepage or contact them via their Profile.

On January 1, 2003 Ludovic Hubler stuck out his thumb in Strasbourg, France, and he has been hitchhiking around the world ever since. Varying his means of transportation from camel-back across the Sahara desert to Scientific Ice-breaker ships in Antarctica or sailing boats across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, he has traveled across 6 continents over more than 150,000km without spending a single cent on transportation.  
A frequent lecturer at schools, universities, French alliances and Rotary clubs, Ludovic has been sharing his thoughts on a variety of issues from globalization and environmental issues to more personal reflections and lessons learned on the road. "I want my tour of the world to be a tour of mankind more than monuments... Every single driver who gives me a ride has something to teach me and the more people I meet, the more I learn about myself." Ludovic, who likes to call his adventure his "PHd world tour", will finish his tour of the world on January 1st 2008, exactly 5 years after he started this amazing journey.  
More information is available on his website at (French, Spanish, English), via the following interview or on this TV report. Among others, we recommend his report about crossing Tibet by hitchhiking and his trip to North Korea .

Danius Kinderis is one of the most acitve members of the Hospitality Club, who has travelled to over 60 countries and in exchange hosted others with pleasure any possible day at home. Among his close friends of a big community has also been Kinga Freespirit. A dedicated hitchhiker, he tried to travel to all four corners of Africa without spending money on transportation. Read more about that adventure on where you find among others a collection of Letters and Photos of the places, people and conditions he met on his way.

Augustas Kligys (Lithuanian) and Katja Lachmann (German) decided to see as many countries, cultures and different people around the world as possible. They simply "Follow The Road": with their thumbs up, they decided to hitch-hike their way across the earth, sleeping in a tent and staying with locals. They love to travel through the people, getting to know their personal lifes, with all their sorrows, secrets, and beauty.
Starting off in Mexico in January 2006 for their current trip, they travelled through whole Central America and Cuba, entering South America in June 2007. Their dream is to travel through every single country in South America.
They share all their travel experiences on (German, Lituanian, English). You will find plenty of stories, photos and a map showing their current location. Also check out on their lovely project to connecting people on their way.

Juan, also known as "Acrobat of the Road", is a hitch-hiker and travel writer from Argentina. He started travelling by thumb in 1998 and in 2002 he was one of the founders of, the first hitch-hiking related website in Latin America. From 2005 to 2007 he embarked in a hitch-hiking solo trip from Ireland to Thailand, via the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan. During this time he portrayed life on the road through articles on his own website acrobatoftheroad and also in newspapers he freelanced for, stressing the importance of inter-dependence and hospitality worldwide. For years he has kept himself on the road by selling self published books with travel stories and poetry, still travelling. He will be happy to meet you, feel free to get in touch and help out if you want.

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Would you like to become an HC Ambassador? Do you know a charismatic member who is living the spirit of the Club as it's best? Please drop us an eMail!

Our Ambassadors are long term serious members with hosting experience, but usually not involved into Hospitality Club organisation or other volunteer jobs. Ambassadors are named for one year, then the status will be reviewed with the aggreement of the member or else terminate automatically.

Ambassador Coordinator:

(HC Username Wibke)

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