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Here you can chat with other HC members. The chat is open to non-members, so if you are interested in joining the club, but would like to talk to some real people first, come here. If you are the only one in the room, hang around a while (just leave the window open while you work on other things), and if you are lucky someone will join you. Bring a bit of patience, because sometimes it will take the other people in the room a while to see you (they are also working on other things and switch to the chat window every now and then). If you have questions or need help you can also contact any of the volunteers on the list below.

We are using the open IrCQ-Network (channel #hospitalityclub), so if you change to another channel, be warned that it is the playground for lots of characters and the language can be ... well, it doesn't have anything to do with the Hospitality Club. Members, please use your HC user name for the chat as well. And please try to help newbies or interested people with any questions they might have. You can also easily connect to this chat using mIRC, Trillian, Miranda or GAIM, see the explanation below how to do it. New: check out some fun statistics of the channel.

Weekly chat: There is a regular Hospitality Club Chat once a week. You are invited to join this global virtual meeting of friendly people. Every Sunday from 18-24 Central European time, so noon to afternoon in the Americas, in the night from Sunday to Monday in Asia and Monday morning in Australia. Of course you can come to the Chat Room any other time, usually there are some people hanging out here.

Talk to a Volunteer

You have an urgent question or would like to talk to a real member before signing up? Here you can contact volunteers of the Hospitality Club directly using ICQ, MSN, AOL or Yahoo Instant Messengers. Just add them to your program. If you do not use any of those programs, or none of them is online, hang around in the chat room for a while anyway, usually someone will come in after a while. You can always check, if your question has already been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Have fun with this - our volunteers are a friendly and helpful bunch!
Alicia in ArgentinaEnglish, EspañolICQ 78939745
Jochen in GermanyEnglish, DeutschICQ 143021104
Felix in GermanyEnglish, DeutschICQ 5964955
Rouven in GermanyEnglish, Deutsch, FranaisICQ 82483893
Alexandre in RussiaEnglish, РусскийICQ 74585287
Vladas in LithuaniaEnglish, Lietuviškai, РусскийICQ 17397276
Tony in Hong KongEnglish, ChineseICQ 10741466
Engin in TurkeyEnglish, TrkeICQ 81138312
Nicko in IndonesiaEnglishICQ 162947730
Jennifer in QuebecEnglish, Franais, Español, DeutschICQ 27438512, MSN
Tijl in the NetherlandsEnglish, NederlandsICQ 68220213, MSN
Alfred in ArgentinaEspañolICQ 50966524, MSN and
Veit from GermanyEnglish, Deutsch, Español, FranaisICQ 14638568, Yahoo veit78, AOL veit89, MSN
Chuck from the U.S.EsperantoYahoo msochuck, MSN, AOL amuzulo
Manca in SloveniaSlovenian, English, Italiano, EsperantoYahoo turkmanca, MSN
Peter in GermanyDeutsch, EnglishAOL german4182, MSN
Thomas in GermanyDeutsch, English, EspañolAOL schnauzentapir
Marc from the NetherlandsEnglish, SwedishMSN
Steven in BelgiumEnglish, Nederlands, FranaisMSN
Pradeep in IndiaEnglishMSN jpradeep12

All Countries
Afghanistan . Albania . Algeria . American Samoa . Andorra . Angola . Anguilla . Antigua and Barbuda . Argentina . Armenia . Aruba . Australia . Austria . Azerbaijan . Bahamas . Bahrain . Bangladesh . Barbados . Belarus . Belgium . Belize . Benin . Bermuda . Bhutan . Bolivia . Bosnia and Herzegovina . Brazil . Bulgaria . Burkina Faso . Burundi . Cambodia . Cameroon . Canada . Cape Verde . Cayman Islands . Chile . China . Colombia . Congo . Congo, DR . Costa Rica . Cte d`Ivoire . Croatia . Cuba . Cyprus . Czech Republic . Denmark . Dominican Republic . Ecuador . Egypt . El Salvador . Estonia . Ethiopia . Fiji . Finland . France . French Guiana . French Polynesia . Gabon . Gambia . Georgia . Germany . Ghana . Greece . Greenland . Grenada . Guadeloupe . Guam . Guatemala . Guyana . Haiti . Honduras . Hungary . Iceland . India . Indonesia . Iran . Iraq . Ireland . Isle of Man . Israel . Italy . Jamaica . Japan . Jersey . Jordan . Kazakhstan . Kenya . Kuwait . Kyrgyzstan . Laos . Latvia . Lebanon . Lesotho . Libya . Liechtenstein . Lithuania . Luxembourg . Macao . Macedonia . Madagascar . Malaysia . Maldives . Mali . Malta . Martinique . Mauritania . Mauritius . Mexico . Moldova . Monaco . Mongolia . Morocco . Mozambique . Namibia . Nepal . Netherlands . New Caledonia . New Zealand . Nicaragua . Nigeria . Northern Mariana Islands . Norway . Oman . Pakistan . Palau . Palestine . Panama . Papua New Guinea . Paraguay . Peru . Philippines . Poland . Portugal . Puerto Rico . Qatar . Runion . Romania . Russian Federation . Rwanda . Saint Kitts and Nevis . Saint Lucia . Samoa . Sao Tome and Principe . Saudi Arabia . Senegal . Serbia and Montenegro . Seychelles . Sierra Leone . Singapore . Slovakia . Slovenia . Somalia . South Africa . South Korea . Spain . Sri Lanka . Sudan . Sweden . Switzerland . Syria . Taiwan . Tajikistan . Tanzania . Thailand . Togo . Trinidad and Tobago . Tunisia . Turkey . Turkmenistan . Turks and Caicos Islands . Uganda . Ukraine . United Arab Emirates . United Kingdom . United States of America . Uruguay . Uzbekistan . Vanuatu . Venezuela . Viet Nam . Yemen . Zambia . Zimbabwe
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Would you like to be listed here? Did your info change? Drop us an email! Also, we are always looking for volunteers to hang out in the chat - wouldn't it be great to always offer a human contact to every interested person who just surfs in and wants to know what the club is all about and whether it works? Please help us!

 mIRC and Trillian
Using these programs you can connect to the chat room easily while being online. You do not have to come to this page and will easily see if something is happening. We are always looking for volunteers who can do this so you can quickly talk to newbies just surfing in and answer their questions.

To connect to the room using mIRC open "connect"-"servers", in this window there is a list of IRC networks - set "all", under this list there is another one "irc servers" - set "IrCQ-Net:Random server" and as you connect type #hospitalityclub and you are in!

You can also use Trillian. This free program combines the four big instant messengers (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AOL) and also connects you to IRC. After downloading (from or and installing, do this: click on the grey point at the bottom, then on "Connection Manager". In "Pick Medium" select IRC. Click the "Add" button. In Description enter "Hospitality Club", Server "", Country "Random", Port "6666", Group "" and leave Password blank. Click on OK. Click on the created entry "" in "Internet Relay Chat" and make sure that on the right the Server Name is "" and Port "6666". Enter your user name below. Click on "Perform Buffer", check "On connection, perform these commands:" and below enter "/join #hospitalityclub", click "Set on all servers in group" (this way you will connect automatically to the room). Click on Connect. In the main window click on the planet (more options), then Preferences, then menu IRC, then enable the tick "connect on startup" and leave the field "to" at "default". Click Ok. Now click on the grey point again and select "join channel", then type "hospitalityclub", click on OK and you will be connected to the HC chat room! Have fun chatting!

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