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Heiko in Hungary

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Heiko from Germany, 25.06.2001

A trip to Budapest

At april this year i planed a short time trip to europe. I ve ended working for 2 month, and i searched a nice place in europe and remembered that i was registered at the hospitality club. I looked at the page and decided to make a trip to budapest. Some days before i wrote a mail to every of the registerd people from budapest, but i recieved no i know why, my email adress was wrong. (Thank you Veit for correcting now .....).

2 days before i started the trip, i called one of the 3 members who a registerd with telephone - number. I spoke with Endre and he said: ok come to budapest and call me then. I traveled with the for 60 DM to budapest. arrived in budapest, iīve called another member. But she was very sorry, because she started travelling to london the next day and couldnīt offer me a place to sleep.

Then I reached Endre by calling him and we organized for the meeting at the subway station. meeting sign: a newspaper. (little bit like in an agent film.....) But the meeting doesnīt work as easy as I thought. I understood the wrong station (hatar ut and arapid hid soundīs for me as a tired traveller the same...). Tired from the long travel walking to Budapest with my bagpack and my digeriddoo , finding no telephon box which was working, I didnīt thought that I would meet Endre in this big city. But it ended well. I reached the right station, after Endre was waiting for me, I think, more than 1 hour.

We went to his home and took a drink with his friend at first, who also lives there. It was easter - sunday evening and i was more than tired, so i went to bed and slept until monday morning. Standing up, Endre told me he must go working to the university. So I decided to come with him, checking emails and walking around in the city. Endre couldnīt work, the university was closed. So we went around searching for a little cafe, having breakfast.....

At this time I still donīt know, that this day would become the best day of my trip. Drinking coffee, walking around, sight-seeing tour by a ship on the donau, the next cafe, seeing the church in the hill..... It was 15 o' clock in the afternoon, we were sitting in another cafe, having the first drink. Talking, drinking, talking, drinking ...... Time runs and half drunken we recognized whatīs happen. I couldnīt believe it. Yesterday arrived, known nobody, having a telephone call and sitting here as we were good old friends....

I must say, that i am not a very hard trinker, some beers and I get very fast trunk. Telling Endre this, he answered me: "Hey Heiko, this is OUR day, tommorow and the next weeks I must work and learn every day. I trust you and you can trust me, let come what come. If you had too much drinks so that you coulnīt walk any more, it doesnīt matter, I take you home." Emotions come back, remembering me.

In the evening we went to a little typical hungary restaurant eating and meeting a room-mate. About coming home, we remembered not everything detaily at the next day. But it was really great ! Not so my head in the next morning, to evening...... In the next days we see us not very often, because Endre was working and university..... I went through the city, visiting all the interesting places (museums, turkish bath....) When I came back in the evening someone was there for opening the door.Then we sit there watching hungary television...... At thursday I bought myself a ticket back to germany. Not expensive, I think..... Only 140 DM for traveling with the nighttrain.

At last I want to thank Veit for planing and organizing this site in the world wide web. It was the first travel I took using the hospitality club. I canīt say that every travel will be nice as my last. I think very important is, that the chemicals between the people are right. The chemicals between me and Endre have been very ok.

Looking back, I only can say, it was a very nice experience, this travel. The hospitality club is very good for cheap traveling and making friends all over the world. I was not the last time that I use this club. So if you have read this all and are interest in peace and friendship in and all over the world, become a member.

Enjoy your life


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