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HC Ambassador Sylvain in Australia

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Sylvain from France, 8.1.2003

A Happy Runner

G'day everybody on the Hospitality Club !! I'm Syrun, Mr Sylvain Quenel, French World Saving Runner. My personal website :

During my running world tour, december 2002, I arrived at Melbourne, big city of south-east of Australia, and I didn't know anybody. The first night, I went to a backpackers Hotel, because I was very tired because of my run from Sydney. Then I visited the city, met the medias and the administrations. I was looking for a place to stay 1 week in the city.

I went to internet-cafe, and I received a message from my friend Veit "use the hospitality club". A long time ago, summer 2001 in Italy, I had use this great club, and I was the guest in the house of Paolo, brindisi-city, puglia-state , south of Italy. It was wonderful for me to be a guest during 1 week, to sleep and eat free, to visit the south of Italy, to prepare my ferry-trip to greece.

So this december 2002 at Melbourne, on internet, I went to , and I found the contacts of 30 friends at Melbourne !! First I telephoned some of them, I succed to meet Noel, great australian man, who helped me to visit the city, during 1 afternoon.

Them I met Caroline , the kind mother of a nice family, who live at South-Melbourne. I went to their home 1 sunday, I met the dad, the 3 daughters, and finally I slept in their home, this sunday night. It was wonderful for me to know the life of an Australian family, to know the christmas holiday in Australia, to find a home far of my home. I had stayed 1 week in their home, every afternoon I went to the city for my business to do interviews, then every night I came back to south-Melbourne, to meet them again, to sleep with them...

Then some friends of Caroline-family went to their home, so I had to return to my backpacker Hotel, and then to continue my running world tour. I continue to send and receive messages emails with Caroline, Noel, Paolo, and Veit. And I wish you all success on Hospitality Club !!!

May Peace prevail on Earth,
***** SYRUN *****
The Longest Peace Running World Tour

And on 15.12.2002

Today Syrun is the Happiest Runner !!! He has been invited to stay in a wonderful family home, today Sunday 15 december 02, at the South of Melbourne,Australia !!!

First I have contacted them with , I had contacted many people before, but they are the most friendly !! There are the Mother Caroline, the father Steve, the 3 daughters Amanda, Kassia and Stephanie, and the dog Muffin. And the new boy Sylvain Quenel, Alias Syrun.

I met first the mother Caroline, Today Sunday morning at 10 am, at the Mordiallac Centre, south of Melbourne. Then she drove me to their beautiful house, in a quiet area. I met here the Father Steve, and the youngest daughter Kassia. Then I went to the Shop centre with Caroline and Kassia, to meet Amanda who was working in a Christmas shop. Then, we went to a music concert, to listen Amanda play very well the Piano. Then, we went to a Gymnastic Centre Competition, to meet the oldest daughter Stephanie, gymnastic teacher, and the young Kassia to stand up on the Podium. Then come back to home, I am now writing this message in their wonderful home, with Amanda with me, who is playing piano for me.

I take diner in their home, and will sleep here also. I will inform you about my safe and successful adventures...

***** SYRUN and good company *****

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