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Peter and Sarah in India

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Peter from Germany, 21.1.2003

Movies, trains and talks in India

A trip to India last fall was my first occasion to try out Hospitality Club. So I contacted Adam*, who lives in Mumbai. We exchanged a few friendly emails, and eventually my friend and I met him in the city. We walked to a cafe and had a nice conversation about his and our life and the best dosa in the country.

This little dinner date was all we had planned since we already had an accomodation in town. But Adam* invited us to show us his apartment and to watch a movie at night. To watch a Hindi movie with a local expert was an irresistable offer for us, so we decided to go with him. He showed us how to survive a ride in the crazy local trains. We had tried to ride those trains before, but you really need special knowledge to be successful at it!

Adams* apartment was a small, but clean and cozy place where we met his neighbor and friend. The four of us went out to see a (pretty awful, but we had only limited choice) movie, and after returning to his place we spent hours talking about computer science, globalization, love and marriage. It was so much fun and totally interesting to talk to him!

At around 3am or so, we were tired, so he let us sleep in his room while he took his matress and slept in the living room. The next morning he made us a coffee, and we took a Riksha back to center city. I was really surprised how unproblematic and comfortable it is to meet a total stranger from a different cultural background! As it seems, we have such a broad common base that there is just no space for embarrassment.

This experience convinced me of the Hospitality Club in two ways: 1. It makes it so easy to meet interesting people who share your idea of uncomplicated hospitality. 2. It brings you so much closer to the ideas, the values, and the worldview of the people who live in the country that you visit. So, as far as I'm concerned, there won't be any voyage without Hospitality Club any more! :o)

(*name changed to protect anonymity)

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