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This press release centers around Veit's journey around the world to find one million members for the club. You can help us by sending it to media in your area. Feel free to modify it any way you want.

Traveling for free around the world - the internet makes it possible for anyone

You need a lot of money to travel? "Definitely not!" says Veit Kuehne (25) from Germany. "Using the internet, you can meet friendly people and stay for free with them anywhere in the world." In the year 2000 Kuehne founded the Hospitality Club ( The idea is simple: people register and offer help to travelers coming to their town or city, be it a tour around town, travel information or free accommodation. Whenever they travel, they can contact any of the more than 50,000 members in 185 countries countries and ask for help themselves.

Membership is free and the club is not commercial. It is supported by volunteers around the world who work together through the internet. They believe in the idea that by bringing travelers in touch with locals, friendships will form, and that this will lead to more intercultural understanding and peace in the long run. Therefore the motto of the club: bringing people together!

Just this motto Kuehne is using for his latest project: After finishing his university studies he is now hitchhiking around the world trying to fascinate one million people with his idea. "I will finish this journey whenever one million people are helping each other in the Hospitality Club." Kuehne hopes to reach this goal within three years and is reporting about his adventures on the internet.

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The Hospitality Club is an absolutely non-commercial project. We bring people together and are doing a really good thing. Also, the story is interesting of course - internet, traveling, meeting people. You are supplying your readers/viewers/listeners with a really useful link - using the club it's possible to find free accommodation and meet friendly people in almost every corner of the world.

We are here for any questions you might have - simply write to We can put you in touch with members who have used the club as guests or hosts in your area. You can also find sample articles and published stories at If you publish anything, it would be great if you could drop us a line. And of course we would be happy to have you onboard as member as well!

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