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- free accommodation worldwide
- meet friendly people
- no cost at all
- intercultural understanding
- no obligations
- safety features
- non-commercial
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The Hospitality Club - free accommodation and a world wide web of friendly people

The idea is the simple: building intercultural understanding and peace through hospitality exchange. Members of the Hospitality Club ( offer each other help when they travel, be it a tour around town, free accommodation or an invitation to dinner. There are no obligations, what matters is the personal contact. Use of the club is totally free - the Hospitality Club is not commercial.

The club was founded by Veit Kuehne (25) from Germany in August 2000 and of May 10th, 2005 had more than 53000 members in 185 countries. Kuehne is now hitchhiking around the world trying to find one million members for the club and fascinating people with the wonderful idea of hospitality exchange - you can follow his journey at

The Hospitality Club makes use of feedback mechanisms to increase security: every member can write a comment about any member he/she knows. Those comments appear in the profile. Guests are required to show their passport on arrival to identify themselves. Also, sensible data is not displayed on the site - name and address can be hidden and the email address is not visible online - first contact has to be made through the website.

Registrations can be made on the internet, by email, fax or by sending a normal postal letter to a volunteer who will enter the information into the database. The club is supported by volunteers who believe in the idea that bringing travelers in touch with people in the place they visit and giving "locals" a chance to meet people from other cultures can make this world a better place to live.

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Questions and Answers

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Are members obliged to accommodate people at their home when they register for the Hospitality Club?
Answer (Veit): No, you are not required to do anything as a member. If you don't have any space or no time to accommodate someone, that's no problem. What counts is the will to meet and help other people from time to time.

Is the club really free?
Yes, we don't want to make any money with the club. We are fascinated with the idea of bringing people from different cultures together and are having fun while doing so.

How safe is this?
We thought a lot about security and established this mechanism: when someone asks you for accommodation, he/she has to tell you the full name, user name at the club and the passport number. This way, you can check the identity when he/she arrives. And even more important - you can read comments from other members in the profile of your future guest. So if there are already five positive comments, it's quite unlikely that you are going to have an unpleasant experience. Finally - you personal data like name, address and email will not be put on the internet, if you do not want to. So when someone contacts you, you can always first check his/her profile and then decide if you write back and how much information you give about yourself.

Is the club working already?
Yes, a lot of people are establishing contact on the site and visiting each other. Today you can go almost anywhere in the world and find free accommodation and meet people. Myself, I have met and visited many of our members and can tell you that there are really lots of interesting and friendly individuals in the club. Just come on in and join us!

Do you need help?
Yes, we need every helping hand, head and mouth. And if you want to help me on the long road to a million members, just spread the idea and the link among your friends and organizations.

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