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number of Hospitality Club members
The Hospitality Club brings together diverse people around the world. In order to make it a safe and fun experience for all of us, every member has to follow a few, but strictly enforced rules. If you find anyone to break these rules, please send an email to abuse@hospitalityclub.org and we will deal with the problem.

1. The Hospitality Club is for members only.

In order to become a member, you must provide correct information about yourself. After checking this information (to make sure you are a real person) we will send you a notice of approval. As a member you can then log onto the website and contact other members. Do not use the account of another member or give access to your account to other people.

2. The Hospitality Club is free for guests and hosts.

No money is involved. Guests are not charged for accommodation by hosts. Of course, if you cause costs to your host (telephone calls, food), you will pay for these.

3. When contacting another member for the first time, you have to supply this member with following information:
  • Full Name
  • Passport Number
  • User Name at The Hospitality Club
  • This will give the other member security about your identity and the ability to check your profile and comments about you on the website.

    4. When staying with another member you have to show your passport on arrival.

    This way, the host can check if the identity information he received when you first contacted him/her is correct.

    5. Do not spam!

    Do not send messages to another member that are not related to the aim of The Hospitality Club. Those are especially but not exclusively requests for help finding work, appartments and visa invitations, website promotions and dating spam. For detailed information on this issue see the Stop Spam page.

    6. No member is under any obligation to do anything for any other member.

    The Hospitality Club is a platform for members to meet and make arrangements. Every situation is different, and there is never an obligation, except for the one to respect each other.

    Any member found to break these rules will have a comment posted in his/her profile or lose his/her membership after an investigation by The Hospitality Club.

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