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"La bandiera della pace"

The rainbow-coloured peace flag originated in Italy - that's why PACE is written on most of them, Italian for peace. During the Iraq war it became increasingly popular. Not only in Italy, where over two millions have been sold, but also elsewhere. In Germany there are currently about 50 000 peace flags. And in your country?

Our goal is to make the beautiful flag the symbol that unites all of our peace movements around the world. Please support us!

If you would like to have a peace flag on your house or would like to distribute the peace flags in your community or your country, you can order them here. The flags cost 10 Euro a piece plus postage. If you want to order larger quantities, please contact us for discounts - we can send one flag or a thousand. Please wire the money to the following account and we send you the flags.
Account number: 210 9924, Owner: Veit Kühne, Commerzbank Herzberg, Germany, Bank Code (BLZ): 263 410 72. On the transaction form you should specify your address, the amount and the kind of flags you whish to order.

At the moment, "PACE" (Italian), "PEACE" (English) and "FRIEDEN" (German) are available. If you would like to get big numbers (500+) of a different language, please contact us by email.

We can also try to figure out other ways of payment like Paypal or through friends, if it's difficult or expensive for you to pay via bank transaction.

From every flag we sell, we take one Euro for a children's project in Iraq, and one Euro for the Hospitality Club, the rest is used to finance the entire Peace Bus project - more info on the donations page.

Postage from Germany is as follows:

1 flag: 4 Euro
2-4 flags: 6 Euro
5-8 flags: 8 Euro
9-20 flags: 8,20 Euro
21-50 flags: 16,50 Euro
51-100 flags: 20,50 Euro
101-200 flags: 28,50 Euro

1 flag: 8 Euro
2-4 flags: 12 Euro
5-19 flags: 12,30 Euro
20-50 flags: 29 Euro
51-100 flags: 39 Euro
101-200: 59 Euro

The mail takes from a couple of days until several weeks, depending on the speed of your national post. We are open to any suggestions on how to get your flags faster than through mail and othe payment options. Just send an email to

We now also have adhesives with the PACE logo!