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Here we collect photos from our project. Since our digital camera is broken, we rely on photos of other people. If you took a picture of us and can send it to us, you'd make us really happy!

- Photos from Leipzig and of Gulliver's metamorphosis
- Photos of Gulliver alias Peace Bus

The Peace Bus in front of the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. High Quality (84 KB)

A nice view - our Peace Bus in Weimar. High Quality (83 KB)

Under the eyes of Goethe and Schiller: Veit and Kay with students from Vohenstrauss on Theater Square in Weimar. High Quality (84 KB)

Kay talking to the girls from Vohenstrauss. High Quality (83 KB)

The Peace Bus - a cool photo object. High Quality (85 KB)

Our peace flag going on a journey - to Vohenstrauss. Who knows where this place is? High Quality (82 KB)

Kay on the move in Weimar - the peace flag has become our second skin. High Quality (82 KB)

Veit, Kjell and Kay at the Peace Bus in Dresden. High Quality (481 KB)

Another photo from Dresden, sponsored by BILD. High Quality (475 KB)

Artist Sascha Pohle gave us the book "Von Bagdad nach Stambul" by Karl May in Dresden. It will travel with us. High Quality (100 KB)

Kjell and Veit presenting the book. BTW, Karl May played cards with our great-grandfather! High Quality (110 KB)

Now we even have a map and can plan our route exactly...:-) High Quality (78 KB)

The book in our front window and Veit on the phone. High Quality (98 KB)

Peace Bus: Berlin-Bagdad. Karl May: From Bagdad to Stambul. High Quality (75 KB)