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Once he was a Mail Delivery Bus. Then he was modified and worked upon to make it possible to live inside. Finally Kay bought the Mercedes-Bus one-and-a-half years ago and gave him the beautiful name Gulliver. Now Gulliver has passed the probably most exciting metamorphosis of his long live - he is now the Peace Bus.

Inside it's really comfy - we have three beds, a sink, a gas stove, table and chair, and the absolute hit: a wood and coal stove, which makes it warm quickly in there. We are happy to invite friendly people into the Peace Bus.

And even if some parts of the bus sometimes lead to critical questions - Kay is quite confident that Gulliver will also drive the few thousand kilometers of this project without problem.

BTW, the license plate "OHA" is the code for Osterode am Harz - we lived in Herzberg am Harz for a long time and all finished high school there.

Gulliver directly after his metamorphosis. High Quality (85 KB)

Ready to go. High Quality (91 KB)

What a beauty! High Quality (108 KB)

Peace Bus from the back. High Quality (102 KB)

And from the side. High Quality (81 KB)

More photos of the Peace Bus in action on our Photo Page.