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Germany - Iraq, March 2003

The Mission: With our Peace Bus the three brothers of us - Veit (25), Kjell (24) and Kay (22) are going to Iraq. Passing through Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Jordan we are collecting donations and paintings for children in Iraq. We are spreading the peace flags on our way to make everybody's wish for peace visible. And we promote the idea of the Hospitality Club, a long term peace project.

Three brothers don't want to stand aside and watch any longer! We want to promote peace - in the long run.

Please support us! Sign up with the Hospitality Club and help to build a world wide network of friendly, hospitable and peaceful people. Let a peace flag fly out of your window to show your neighbours and all the world that you are for peace! Give a donation or draw a painting for children in Iraq!

Our Route: Since March we have traveled around Germany with the bus: Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Coburg, Jena, Weimar, Erfurt were some of the stations. After Germany we will travel through Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Syria to Iraq. If you would like to know where we are right at the moment, don't hesitate to call us at (+49)173-7749365.

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News: 27.6. We don't know yet, how we will continue. The interest in the bus is quite small after the end of the war. The situation in Iraq is not clear, so we cannot go there right now, but have to wait. We will continue to sell peace flags and collect donations at large events (CSD and Love Parade in Berlin), and are establishing contacts in Iraq. We will definitely go there, but unfortunately don't know when it will be possible.
31.5. Kay is 22!
27.5. The bus was two weeks in repair at KKK (Kirchner und Knull - thank you Bodo and Andrea!!) in Jena. After a week in Weimar we are now at the Church Day in Berlin and the Africa Festival in Würzburg.
19.5. Kjell is 24!
7.5. The bus is broken (light engine and brakes) and is being repaired in Jena.
4.5. You can watch us in Jena on a Webcam (click on "Holzmarkt")!
2.5. We are on the move in Thüringen.
26.4. Bayern 2 is going to broadcast live from the Peace Bus in Coburg today from 15:00 to 16:00 Uhr!!
25.4. We are driving through Chemnitz, Zwickau and Plauen to Hof.
20.4. Veit is 25!
18.4. At the moment we are in Dresden at the Altmarkt - Live Webcam (in the background).
10.4. We now also have adhesives, which we sell for one Euro.
2.4. We now also have flags in German (FRIEDEN) - you can order them here.
28.3. We are still in Leipzig, because we are supported by the people here.
23.3. We now also have peace flags with the english letters PEACE - you can order them as well as the Italian Original PACE right here.
20.3. We are shocked about the outbreak of the war and hope, that our engagement will be a small, but visible sign that can slow down the spiral of violence just a little bit. Our project is more necessary than ever - we will go to Iraq after the war and with the pictures and donations maybe will be able to give a few Iraqi children the feeling that people in Germany did and do care about them.