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Since Iraqi people are in a very difficult economical situation, and we here in Germany and the West live quite well, we don't just want to support them morally. We are also collecting donations, to support a children's project in Iraq directly. If you would like to give some money, please wire your donation to our account in Germany (Name: Veit Kühne) Number 210 9924 at the Commerzbank Herzberg, Bank Code 263 410 72.
You can also get in touch with us to transfer the money in some other way like Paypal or through friends.
Thank you very much!

We will not simply give the money to another organization, but will decide right there in Iraq which project we will support. We will use lots of contacts and try to gather as much information about this project as possible.

Since we are paying all costs of the Peace Bus project from the sales of the Peace Flags, we don't have to take one cent away from the donations for administration, gas or similar things. From every Euro we take 80 cents for the children's project in Iraq and put the remainding 20 cents into an account for the Hospitality Club to put this long term peace project on a solid financial basis.

On this place we will report detailed about the use of the donations.