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A project like this is impossible without the help of many people. We are only three brothers, and hope that with our enthusiasm and energy we can motivate a lot more people. On this page you can find suggestions on how you can help us and a thank you to the people who have supported us so far.

This is how you can help us:

- Internet: Spread the link to our page as far as possible. Peace sites, news sites, private homepages - as many sites as possible should link to us (we are happy to link back from our Link Page). Even if you just send an email to your friends, some more people will know about our project.

- Media: Do you know newspapers, radio, TV who could be interested in doing a story about our project, the bus, the peace flag or the Hospitality Club? Just call - the journalists and us!

- Organizations: Aks organizations you are active with to support us.

- Peace flags and Donations: Order the flags from us, maybe even for people around you, or for selling them, or collect donations and children's paintings, that we can take with us to Iraq. If you donate personally, you are also helping.

- Logistic Support: If we come to your town, we always need lots of help right there: selecting a good place for the bus, sending out press releases, copies, accommodation, phone, internet, contacts to schools and organizations. Our current whereabouts and the route you can always find on the start page.

- Contacts in Iraq: We now need many contacts in Iraq and are already contacting many people and organizations. If you know someone who could help us - be it with solving organizational problems or with searching a children's project that makes sense for us to support it, please let us know!

- Join us: We always need people helping for a few days at the bus. There is always a lot to organize, and if there is someone else on board, we can do things that otherwise can't be done. So, just call us and stop by!

We want to thank:

Please check the German version of the Support page for the Thank you list!