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News: 9.6.2002 Almost four months since I got back to Germany from Latin America. Will be finishing my university career when I turn in my thesis on July 15, I am writing at Volkswagen's awesome new Transparent Factory in Dresden. I don't know for sure what I will do after that, but probably I will spend this summer traveling around Europe. If you want to come along, check out my Travel Story List, there you can also read about a lot of my adventures in Latin America.

7.9.2001 Have been traveling for almost seven months now. From Buenos Aires I went through the South of Argentina, Patagonia. Also spent a few days in Uruguay. Then three months in Chile, from the very South to the very North. After that the North of Argentina and Paraguay, and now I am in Bolivia. I have had many unbelievable experiences on this journey, and written a lot about it. If you want to come traveling with me, send an email to veit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and every week or so you will receive a travel story in your inbox. In Bolivia I will stay a few more weeks, then I'll spend a month in Peru, before rushing through Ecuador, Colombia and Panama - at the end of November I want to be in Costa Rica. From there continuing through Central America to Mexico, where this journey will end in the middle of February.

27.2.2001 I left Germany 12 days ago, at the moment I am in Argentina. During the next year I will travel from here all the way to Mexico, working on The Hospitality Club along the way. I have started sending out regular messages to my friends and family every week or so, so if you want to follow my trip, just sign up for that right here!

29.12.2000 After seven semesters finished my studies at WHU. I'll now spend a year (2001) promoting and developing The Hospitality Club and traveling around South America. Will fly to Buenos Aires early February and will go back from Caracas a year later. Then, in early 2002, I'll write my thesis and will begin to think if I want to start working someday. Since I can't access my pages at uni from abroad, you'll from now on always find the latest version of my home on the web at my main domain www.veitkuehne.de - see you there or in the real world!

8.10.2000 Spent more time than planned in Koblenz this summer, since I had a cool idea and couldn't avoid working on it - The Hospitality Club !! My new baby. And there's another baby in the family - Luana. Kay and Alena became parents on September 13. I'm in my 7th and last semester now. Did have time for a 11-day mammoth-AFS-Camp at the EXPO 2000 though. And next week I'll hitchhike to Madrid.

9.7.2000 Will be working for two more weeks in Berlin, and then it's off to Italy (and maybe Spain) for six weeks with Lucía. Will be back studying in Koblenz around September 10.

2.5.2000 Yes! Just finished my last exam for this semester. Tomorrow I'll start a 12-week-internship with A.T. Kearney, a consulting company, probably will be on a project here in Germany.

18.4.2000 After a year abroad in 1999, I am now finishing my 6th semester at the WHU Koblenz, Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management in Vallendar near Koblenz. In May I will start a 3-month-internship, this year in Germany. And the rest of the summer I will probably use to travel a bit around Europe. I am working hard on this new homepage, but especially some of the English pages are not ready yet. Please let me know, if some of the new things don't work, just send me an email!

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