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This page will become a data base for hitchhikers - tricks and advice will be exchanged here. If you hitchhike yourself, please support the project by filling in the form, or send me an email. Here, you will find exact information about the best places to hitchhike, how you get to your dream destination, or how to get away from that bad hole. Of course, there are always different options, and hitchhikers tend to have differing opinions about different places. And sometimes, you are lucky in one place after 10 seconds, sometimes you have to wait for a while... that's hitchhiking.

The German part of this data base already has a lot of information - if you speak German, look around there as well.


Hi there, My name is Sandra and hitched over 18'000 k in Australia and looking back on it now I would never have done it any other way, It was the most exciting thing I ever done. The whole idea of were I was going to get to next and with whom I was going to get there with. People and places were strange but wonderful. I ended up staying in the home of two very wealthy people who lived on a luxury yauht. They welcomed us with open arms fed and suplied us with the best of drink. Now being from the suberbs in Dublin you can imagine how this felt. Just be wise and always always go with your insicts. SAndra Dublin, Ireland  Contact E-mail= sandrawalsh77@yahoo.com
(Sandra, 26.3.2001 17:44:25)



to leave for any destination take in center or at trainstation tram 40 direction Moscou, tell tramdriver you want to hitchhike, het put you of, you go onder viaduct, you,ll find a nice spot there
(Mathieu Vandersmissen, 20.7.2001 13:16:41)


People are very friendly, usually. In the middle - southern part or on the islands I always had a ride very soon. In the Northern part, sometimes it just didn't work.
(Norbert, 17.7.2002 20:31:06)


In cuba hitchhike or we call here "botella" is a very common things. you can go anywhere from any point no matter for long or one km distance only, as hitchhike is everyday life of Cuban people. very recomendable for backpacker traveler as you can meet interesting Cuban people that will share their culture and everyday life. the people itself is very friendly and helpful. They can easily offer you anything or come to their home, eventhough for the first meet and they are self are poor. Cuban Government has encouraged "botella" since the economic crisis on the early 90ies to solve the transportation problem as they have oil shortages. They even employed special people in the whole country just to work at some point to stop vehicle that are belongs to Government to give a lift everyone who are going on their way. I have no experienced about hitchhiking in other country, but from what I see, this is the heaven for hitchhiker.
(Eko, 7.7.2002 18:05:00)



Direction north (Lille, Brussel)  Don't try the city exits. Best is to take a taxi to first tank stop at the Highway (about 30 km.) Real sportsman may want to take the train to the airport and walk to the tankstop there (quite a walk and hard to find) or just be lucky :)
(Robert Ramaker, 16.3.2001 9:28:13)


In the western part it's quite ok. I found it better to take longer rides (that was >100 km)and to use signs.
(Norbert, 17.7.2002 20:28:46)


New York City

stuck in the big apple? take new jersey transit bus to ringwood. find the local recycling center. it's like a scrap yard nestled the mountains. look into the used metals dumpster. there is often a handful of working bicycles inside. pull'm out and pedal away. by the way, new york city is a prime location for exploring with a bicycle. zoom back down the mountain that the bus took you up and zigzag through suburban illtown all the way back to the city. i know this has not to do with hitchhiking, so i understand if it's not posted.
(Gil Avineri, 11.11.2002 3:43:12)

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