Hitchhiking in New Zealand... I have been hitchhiking since 1996, since I was 18. Since then, I have traveled about 85,000 kilometers this way. I love it, I have met a lot of interesting people, had a lot of surprises, andgot a lot of important ideas while hitchhiking. I have infected some more people with the virus, my brothers Kay and Kjell are hitchhiking around this cool world as well. Although many people think the opposite, it is still very much possible to hitchhike in most countries, especially in Germany, it is incredibly easy.You just have to know how to do it.

Not on my site, but excellent:

Well, I hope I got you interested a bit, if you'dlike to try it - Good Luck on your adventures! If you feel like it, just tell me about your experiences in an email, I would love to hear about them...

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